Dragon Ball Z Periodic Table of Characters
Ash "El-Negro"
September 6, 2013
dragon ball z characters

Here at Anime Squad, we like to give something to the anime-loving community, so we thought we’d create a Dragon Ball Z Periodic Table of Characters!

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most recognisable, influential and popular anime series ever. Even non anime-lovers have enjoyed Dragon Ball Z. However, it’s often the cause of much debate as to who was the strongest and it’s often easy to lose track of some of the characters through sheer volume. So that’s why we made this periodic table as a reference point to all DBZ lovers.

We’ve arranged them first from left to right in order of classification, generally from weakest to strongest. Then we classified them from top to bottom in terms of strength.

Rather than substituting the atomic numbers with power levels (the majority of which are too big to fit and/or estimated wildly online) we decided to assign tiers to the characters. We followed the typical tiering system from S through to F and added the N-tier for those with negligible fighting power.

There are characters from all three Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and the ever-polarizing Dragon Ball GT as well as some of the more prominent characters from the movies, such as Broly, Janemba and more. Take a look!

dbz-periodic-tableWhat do you think of the Dragon Ball Z Periodic Table of Characters? Let us know in the comments!


  1. You guys might wanna switch Trunks & Future Trunks.

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